Unlimited freedom is the key to tomorrow’s progress. KUKA youBot is the name of the mobile robot with a difference from KUKA Laboratories. It is making quite a stir, particularly with budding robotics experts at universities and research institutes. It gives the research community a professional 5-axis-manipulator in a compact format which leaves nothing to be desired. Already today, the KUKA youBot offers an experimental platform which bridges the gap between today’s industrial robotics and tomorrow’s service robotics. The aim is to develop pioneering applications for mobile manipulation.

youBot features


In its basic configuration, the KUKA youBot consists of an omnidirectional mobile platform on which a five-axis robot arm with a gripper is installed. Arm, gripper and mobile platform can also be used individually, however. To provide maximum experimental freedom, the KUKA youBot is supplied entirely without a proprietary controller. Instead, it is equipped with a powerful PC board and an EtherCAT-based interface to the electronic drive system. Furthermore, a whole series of additional interfaces allows the users to equip the KUKA youBot with sensors and develop their own applications.

youBot product overview


KUKA youBot with leap motion Control.


Projects and studies

With competent partners, KUKA implements pioneering ideas. more

KUKA Innovation Award

KUKA has set up a new innovation award, which carries a prize of €20,000. more
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New Firmware for the KUKA youBot available. To download, please register at KUKA Labs Forum.
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